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#160 100 Hours, 34 Sessions With David Berkowitz, The Son of Sam (Part Two)

March 03, 2024 Patrick O'Donnell / Vic Ferrari / Michael Caparrelli Episode 160
Cops and Writers Podcast
#160 100 Hours, 34 Sessions With David Berkowitz, The Son of Sam (Part Two)
Show Notes

Dr. Michael Caparrelli spent 100 hours,  34 Sessions With David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam.

Welcome back everyone to the conclusion of my interview with Bestselling Author and Psychologist, Dr. Michael Caparrelli. Dr. Caparrelli holds a PhD in Behavioral Science with an emphasis on Addiction Psychology. 

Dr. Caparrelli spent 100 hours, over 34 sessions with one of the most feared murderers in America’s history, David Berkowitz aka The Son of Sam. Dr. Caparrelli wrote an amazing book titled, MONSTER MIRROR: 100 HOURS with DAVID BERKOWITZ, ONCE KNOW AS THE SON OF SAM that chronicles his time with David Berkowitz. 

Dr. Caparrelli shares valuable insights into his time with one of our nation’s most notorious serial killers in history that are relevant to the times we are living in today. 

As a special treat to everyone, I brought in my friend and colleague, Podcaster, Author, and Retired NYPD Detective Vic Ferrari. Vic spent most of his life in New York and shares his perspective of the case from the point of view of an NYPD Detective and resident of New York.

In today’s episode we discuss:

·      Criminal profiling and where David Berkowitz fits?

·      David was also a serial arsonist. What, if anything, did this have to do with him being a mass murderer?

·      Did any of his victims or relatives of victims ever attend David’s parole hearings?

·      Similarities between David and more recent serial or mass-killers?

·      Did Dr. Caparrelli meet with any of the victims or their families before or after this project? Why or why not?

·      David claiming demonic possession as a defense during questioning.

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