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153 Master Con Man Matthew Cox Was The Shark Swimming in The Housing Pool. (Part Two)

January 14, 2024 Patrick O'Donnell /Matthew Cox/ Jerri Williams Episode 153
Cops and Writers Podcast
153 Master Con Man Matthew Cox Was The Shark Swimming in The Housing Pool. (Part Two)
Show Notes

Welcome back everybody to the conclusion of this very special show with my guest Matthew Cox. Dateline NBC called Matthew, "A gifted forger and silver-tongued liar." If you’re a true crime junkie, you’re going to love this show!

Matthew’s captivating story has been featured in Playboy, Rolling Stone, Dateline NBC, and numerous other news publications.

Matthew Cox, one of the most ingenious con men in history—bilked America’s biggest banks out of millions. Despite numerous encounters with bank security, state and federal authorities, Cox narrowly avoided capture for years. During his run Matt assumed over fifty identities and held twenty-six different valid driver's licenses. 

Eventually, the law caught up with Matt and he was convicted of multiple counts of Bank, mortgage, wire, and passport fraud and identity theft. Matt  was sentenced to 26 years in federal prison.

Matt is now a successful author, consultant, and podcaster and were lucky he has agreed to tell us his story. 

Like any cop, sometimes we need backup. So, my good friend, Retired FBI Special Agent Jerri Williams of the FBI Case File Review podcast, joined me for this interview. Jerri specialized in high level cons, scams, and Ponzi schemes when she was with the FBI and offers her expertise with this interview and I’m lucky she agreed to be on the show.

I also wanted to express my thanks to Vic Ferrari of the NYPD Thorough The Looking Glass podcast, for making the intros that made this episode possible.

In today’s episode we discuss:

·      The perception that Matthew Cox conned vulnerable women as accomplices and what Matt has to say about that.

·      When Matthew was on the run, how many states did he live in and how many plastic surgeries did he get?

·      How different federal agencies worked together to capture Matthew Cox.

·      The personality traits of a successful con man.

·      The first meal Matthew got when he got out of prison.

·      What we can all do to protect ourselves from identity theft and scams.

·      Matthew Coxs’ successful author and podcast career!

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