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126 Cops and Divorce: Insights from Family Law Attorney and Divorce Survivor Kerrie Droban.

July 09, 2023 Patrick O'Donnell / Kerrie Droban Episode 126
Cops and Writers Podcast
126 Cops and Divorce: Insights from Family Law Attorney and Divorce Survivor Kerrie Droban.
Show Notes

Our subject for today’s show is divorce. Divorce is far too prevalent in the world of law enforcement, and I have wanted to do a podcast episode about this subject for some time now.

I survived a brutal divorce that lasted over two years and wrote a book about it to help others going through a nasty divorce titled, “Divorced Dad: Kids are Forever, Wives are not.” This book is not full of venom or hate, it is a guide to help those, especially dads, who are navigating the sometimes shark-infested waters of divorce. I used the pen name of L.J. Burke because I was still employed as a cop and didn’t want to deal with the red tape of getting the book approved through the department. 

I felt it would be a good idea to bring on someone with a unique perspective on the subject, Kerrie Droban. Kerrie is also a divorce survivor who now helps others get through their parting of the ways with her family law practice and at one time was married to a homicide detective.

Kerrie Droban received a Master's degree from The Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars and a Master of Fine Arts and Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona.

In today’s episode we discuss:

·      The reasons for the high rate of divorce among first responders.

·      The warning signs of an impending divorce and sometimes ignoring them, listen to your gut feelings.

·      When should you think about marriage counseling? 

·      Best practices when asking your spouse for a divorce and breaking the news to your children.

·      When is it time to get a divorce lawyer and is it a good idea to share one?

·      Separation and moving out. Dos and don’ts to protect yourself and your kids.

·      Tips on how to soften the damage of divorce on children.

·      Avoid speaking poorly about your soon-to-be ex or their parents to your kids. 

·      When should you reconsider getting a divorce?

·      Self-care during a divorce and avoiding destructive behavior during the process.

·      Co-parenting best tips and practices

·      When should you start dating?

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Divorced Dad: Kids are Forever, Wives are not.
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