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122 A Killer's Game With Police Captain And Bestselling Author Isabella Maldonado!

June 11, 2023 Patrick O'Donnell / Isabella Maldonado Episode 122
Cops and Writers Podcast
122 A Killer's Game With Police Captain And Bestselling Author Isabella Maldonado!
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Today we are chatting with Wall Street Journal Bestselling author and retired Police Captain, Isabella Maldonado. 

Before her foray into the world of crime fiction, Ms. Maldonado wore a gun and badge in real life. She retired as a police captain after over two decades in law enforcement. During her tenure in the department, she was a patrol officer, hostage negotiator, spokesperson, and recruit instructor at the police academy. After being promoted, she worked as a patrol sergeant and lieutenant. Finally, as a captain, she commanded the Gang Council, Public Information Office, and a police precinct with 150 personnel, including patrol officers, detectives, specialty units, supervisors, and civilians. 

After retiring as a police captain and moving to Arizona, Isabella joined the Sisters in Crime Phoenix Metro Chapter, Desert Sleuths, in 2010 with the goal of embarking on a second career as a crime fiction writer. For five years, she attended workshops and writer’s conferences and studied numerous books on the craft of writing.
 Isabella’s first book in her FBI thriller series, THE CIPHER, was published in November 2020. The sequel, A DIFFERENT DAWN, was released in August 2021, and the third, THE FALCON, in June 2022. Netflix optioned CIPHER for a feature film starring Jennifer Lopez.

A KILLER’S GAME, the first book in the FBI Agent Daniela Vega series, will be released in June 2023, and the second, A FORGOTTEN KILL, in March 2024.
 In today’s episode we discuss:

·      Isabella’s beginnings in law enforcement.

·      Isabella’s rise to the rank of captain.

·      The strain of police work on her personal relationships. 

·      The importance of internships and volunteering for a career.

·      How Isabella prepared herself for her successful writing career. 

·      How Isabella landed her agent.

·      Her success with writing in a series and knowing when to end them.

·      How Isabella effectively communicates an overarching message to her readers through her books.

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(Cont.) 122 A Killer's Game With Police Captain And Bestselling Author Isabella Maldonado!