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109 F.B.I. Special Agent Kyle Vowinkel And H.R.T., C.N.U., Kidnappers, Pirates and Terrorists (Part Two)

March 12, 2023 Patrick O'Donnell / Kyle Vowinkel Episode 109
Cops and Writers Podcast
109 F.B.I. Special Agent Kyle Vowinkel And H.R.T., C.N.U., Kidnappers, Pirates and Terrorists (Part Two)
Show Notes

Thank you for joining us today for the conclusion of a special two-part interview with retired FBI Special Agent Kyle Vowinkel. 

Kyle Vowinkel dedicated 33 years of service to his country as an FBI Special Agent, U.S. Army officer, and West Point graduate. He has significant leadership experience as an FBI senior executive who served at multiple FBI offices and retired as Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) in Miami.

Prior to ASAC, he served on two unique U.S. national assets–the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and the U.S. government’s negotiation arm, the Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU). 

 The FBI sent him to over twenty countries, including China, Qatar, Kenya, South Korea, and Peru.  He deployed as a tactical operator on HRT on hundreds of high-risk missions domestically as well as overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. At CNU he negotiated with kidnappers, pirates, and terrorists. He has deployed to several high-profile situations, including the Boston Marathon bomber, where he convinced him to give up peacefully. He led the negotiation that resulted in the successful rescue of the five-year-old boy known as the “boy in the bunker.” 

In today’s episode we discuss:

.      Kyle's role as a Crisis Negotiator successfully convincing one of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects to surrender peacefully. 

·      We discuss the movie Patriot’s Day and the accuracy of the movie compared to the actual event.

·      Kyle and the team of Crisis Negotiators who responded to the “Boy in the Bunker” standoff that occurred in 2013.

·      Working in concert with local law enforcement and the FBI’s HRT team during the seven-day standoff.

·      Believing in a higher power during life and death situations. 

·      Lessons learned from this event and the importance of a debrief.

·      Kyle writing a book about his life and the intense situations he participated in.

All of this and more on today’s episode of the Cops and Writers podcast.

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