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101 Stop The Presses! Author, Pulitzer Prize Nominee, And Chicago Newsman Extraordinaire, John Gorman Is On My Show!

January 15, 2023 Patrick O'Donnell / John Gorman Episode 101
Cops and Writers Podcast
101 Stop The Presses! Author, Pulitzer Prize Nominee, And Chicago Newsman Extraordinaire, John Gorman Is On My Show!
Show Notes

Today’s show takes us to the Windy City, The City of Big Shoulders. Yes, of course, I’m talking about the place of my birth and where I spent my youth, Chicago. Today we will be speaking with Pulitzer Prize nominee John Gorman.

John Gorman started his journalism career at the storied City News Bureau of Chicago before joining the Chicago Tribune. He spent half of his 26 years at the Tribune as a reporter covering courts, cops, and catastrophes, and was twice a runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize. As an Assistant City Editor for 13 years, he oversaw the city desk, herding, helping, and harassing reporters. Later, he spent nearly a decade as the Communications Director for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. 

Prior to starting his journalism career, he was in the Peace Corps in India and later worked in Australia and South Africa, and traveled through Europe before returning to the U.S. in 1971.

John is also an author and we discuss his debut novel, Death Before Life. 

In today’s episode we discuss:

·      His time in the Peace Corps and traveling around the world as a young man. 

·      His interest in journalism and his time as a reporter, then editor for the Chicago Tribune.

·      What it was like being on the ‘front lines’ reporting some of the most dangerous stories.

·      Close calls and putting himself in harm’s way when getting a story. 

·      Being one of the first reporters on the scene of serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s home. 

·      His debut novel, “Death Before Life.”

All of this and more on today’s episode of the Cops and Writers podcast.

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