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086 Weaving K-9s Into Your Stories With Best Selling Authors Jodi Burnett And Kathleen Donnelly

October 02, 2022 Patrick O'Donnell / Jodi Burnett / Kathleen Donnelly Episode 86
Cops and Writers Podcast
086 Weaving K-9s Into Your Stories With Best Selling Authors Jodi Burnett And Kathleen Donnelly
Show Notes

Today’s show is going to the dogs! My guests on the show today are award-winning best-selling authors who weave K-9s into their stories, Jodi Burnett and Kathleen Donnelly.

Award-winning author Kathleen Donnelly has been a handler for Sherlock Hounds Detection Canines—a Colorado-based narcotics K-9 company—since 2005. She loves crafting realism into her fictional stories from her dog-handling experience. She has a B.A. in Journalism from Colorado State University and formerly wrote for The Berthoud Weekly Surveyor where she won a Colorado Press Award.

Jodi Burnett is a best-selling indie superstar author with over twelve books published in a little over two years, earning her over six figures a year! Jodi treats her author career as a business, and that is paying dividends for her.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

·      The importance of professional, eye-appealing author websites and book covers.

·      Why Jodi is a self-published author and the advantages and disadvantages of being an indie.

·      Why Kathleen is a traditionally published author and the advantages and disadvantages of this author path.

·      Why people are drawn to stories with dogs in them.

·      How they researched the utilization of K-9s in law enforcement.

·      Best advice for authors who are writing stories about dogs or have them as characters in their books.

·      Kathleen’s Sherlock Hounds K-9 Detection service. 

·      The pros of attending author conventions.

·      Their writing tips, tools, and routines.

All of this and more on today’s episode of the Cops and Writers podcast.

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