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083 Solving Author Problems, Creator And CEO Of BookFunnel, Damon Courtney

September 11, 2022 Patrick O'Donnell / Damon Courtney Episode 83
Cops and Writers Podcast
083 Solving Author Problems, Creator And CEO Of BookFunnel, Damon Courtney
Show Notes

On today’s show, I will interview Damon Courtney, the creator, and CEO of BookFunnel.

BookFunnel is an ebook and audiobook delivery service for authors and publishers. As a lifelong software engineer, Damon is an expert in just about everything technical and can offer unique insight into publishing as it relates to software and technology. He has also self-published a single Fantasy trilogy and continues to spin stories in his head that he hopes to publish soon.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

·      Damon as a coder and author.

·      What is BookFunnel and who can benefit from this software?

·      The process of loading a book onto BookFunnel.

·      The excellent customer support that BookFunnel authors and readers receive.

·      The many purposes for BookFunnel, including ARC copies and direct selling.

·      Best practices for entrepreneurs.

·      Damon’s author career.

·      The future for Damon and BookFunnel

All of this and more on today’s episode of the Cops and Writers podcast.

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