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081 Author, Podcast Host, And N.C.I.S. Special Agent John Stamp

August 28, 2022 Patrick O'Donnell / John Stamp Episode 81
Cops and Writers Podcast
081 Author, Podcast Host, And N.C.I.S. Special Agent John Stamp
Show Notes

On today’s show, I will interview John Stamp. 

John started his law enforcement career as a police officer and detective in Charleston, South Carolina. John moved on to federal law enforcement, becoming a special agent with the F.B.I. and later N.C.I.S.  John holds a master's degree in Forensic Science from the University of Florida. 

John has written seven novels and is the host of the That’s Criminal Podcast. His newest release is the crime thriller, Blood Red Ivory.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

 ·      What drew John into law enforcement.

·      John’s career path from being a city cop to a special agent for the F.B.I. and later N.C.I.S.

·      His different job assignments with the N.C.I.S. that took him around the globe.

·      Common myths and misconceptions regarding the N.C.I.S.

·      John’s “That’s Criminal Podcast.”

·      John’s author career.

All of this and more on today’s episode of the Cops and Writers podcast.

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