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073 F.B.I. Special Agent Jerri Williams Takes Us On A Guided Tour Of Thrillerfest, Her Podcasting And Author Career

June 26, 2022 Patrick O'Donnell / Jerri Williams Episode 73
Cops and Writers Podcast
073 F.B.I. Special Agent Jerri Williams Takes Us On A Guided Tour Of Thrillerfest, Her Podcasting And Author Career
Show Notes

On today’s show, I’m honored to bring back Retired F.B.I Special Agent Jerri Williams!
 Jerri was my guest way back on
April 11, 2021, episode #11, which is still one of the most popular episodes to date! 

Jerri Williams served 26 years as a Special Agent with the FBI. During her FBI career, Jerri investigated many crimes, including bank robberies, and later she specialized in cases targeting major economic crime and corruption. Her investigation of a $350 million Ponzi scheme perpetrated against unsuspecting nonprofit organizations, high-profiled philanthropists, and beneficiary donors resulted in a 12-year prison sentence and multiple forfeitures.
Toward the end of her federal law enforcement career, Jerri was appointed as the spokesperson for the Philadelphia Division of the FBI, taking on the responsibility of educating and informing the media and public about the Bureau.

On today’s show, Jerri does a thorough analysis of Thrillerfest, podcasting, and her author career. 


In today’s episode, we discuss:

·      Jerri’s fiction and nonfiction books.

·      Her wildly successful podcast, F.B.I. Retried Case File Review, and her advice to new podcasters.

·      What Thrillerfest is and who attends it.

·      How Thrillerfest has changed her career.

·      Her experience giving a class and being on a panel with bestselling authors.

·      The costs of attending Thrillerfest.

·      The stigma that was attached to being an indie author and how that is changing.

·      Hoping that Jerri attends 20books Vegas.

·      The exciting projects Jerri is involved with.

 All of this and more on today’s episode of the Cops and Writers podcast.

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