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071 Ric Prado, Black Ops: The Life Of A CIA Shadow Warrior (Part Two)

June 12, 2022 Patrick O'Donnell / Ric Prado Episode 71
Cops and Writers Podcast
071 Ric Prado, Black Ops: The Life Of A CIA Shadow Warrior (Part Two)
Show Notes

Welcome back to part two of my interview with former Operations Officer of the CIA, Ric Prado!

My guest on the show today is New York Times Bestselling Author and retired Operations Officer of the Central Intelligence Agency Enrique “Ric” Prado. Mr. Prado is a twenty-four-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency where he served as an Operations Officer in six overseas posts. 

Mr. Prado spent his first ten years at CIA as a paramilitary officer in Special Operations Group/Special Activities Division (SOG/SAD, Ground Branch), the CIA’s “special operations force.” His service included 36 months in Central American jungles as the first CIA officer living in the anti-Sandinista “Contra” camps. Subsequently running counterterrorism/insurgency operations in Latin America and in the Philippines.  

Cuban born and immigrating solo to the US at 10 - which landed him in an orphanage in Pueblo, Colorado - “Ric” inherited early on a “debt of honor” to the USA. Thus, he volunteered for military service at 20. Ric joined the US Air Force elite Pararescue Teams P.J.’s. 

In today’s episode we discuss:

·      Tradecraft and situational awareness. How average citizens can stay safe following some basic concepts. 

·      Coopers Scale.

·      How to not get caught by the enemy, and what to do if you are.

·      Pre and post 9/11 and how it changed our nation and how the intelligence community conducted their business. 

·      Communication between the FBI and CIA.

·      Why Ric wrote the book Black Ops and how it has changed him and others. 

·      Why Ric’s book, Black Ops should be required reading for high school and college students today.

·      Our biggest threats to the United States today.

·      Why socialism is the mask of communism.

 All of this and more on today’s episode of the Cops and Writers podcast.

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